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Any person who is a bonafide active and paid member, or honorably retired from of any regular Law Enforcement Agency, who has risked his/her life to save a human life, or whose life has been at imminent risk of danger from an armed adversary, shall be eligible to apply for active membership in the Association. Not to be considered for active membership are Sheriffs, Prosecutors, or other elected or appointed officials.

Upon retirement, a member in good standing shall be eligible to remain as an Active Member of this Organization.

Any member in good standing who terminated or voluntarily leaves Law Enforcement (before retirement) or is convicted of a crime, shall no longer be eligible to maintain his/her Active Membership status.

The final determination of eligibility shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board of the Honor Legion.

New Membership Information

Effective 9/25/2002, honorably retired Law Enforcement Officers are eligible to join the NJHL. All membership rights, privileges, and benefits will be afforded to them EXCEPT that they will be ineligible to receive a death assistance contribution. Additionally, any new members joining post-retirement after 2/1/2017, are also ineligible to participate in the scholarship program.

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Membership Terms

All submitted applications for membership shall be accompanied by the officer’s original report(s) and any other reports regarding the incident in question. All new member applications shall be forwarded to the Second Vice President, who shall chair the New Membership Committee.

The fee for all new applications shall be $50.00 which shall accompany each application. This fee shall be refunded if the applicant does not meet this Organization’s criteria for membership.

The Membership Committee shall investigate and decide as to the eligibility for membership. All eligible applicants shall then be confirmed by the Executive Board. Upon confirmation by the Executive Board, any/all applicant(s) shall be inducted at the next General Meeting.

Registration Fee

10.00 USD - Registration Fee (Only Once)

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